The enterprise social policy

1. The company provides a full benefits package.

2. The plant management has organized delivery of employees to place of work and back by enterprises automobile transport from all parts of the city.

3. It was organized free meals and clean drinking water delivery for all employees.

4. Constantly improving the system of material motivation for personnel.

5. There is a system of encouragement for employees depending on the work experience and duration of labor activity at the enterprise.

6. Stimulated the acquisition of the second working specialties of the discharge deficit for the enterprise.

7. Opportunities to realize professional and creative potential of each employee, initiative, proposals and new ideas are welcomed.

8. Organized congratulations for employees with significant events in life.

9. In 2017, the company carried out a planned special assessment of working conditions. Following the results of the identification, the assessed working conditions at the workplaces comply with the state regulatory requirements to labor protection.

The list of recommended measures to improve working conditions includes the use of certified PPE, periodic medical examinations, which is carried out in the company in full.