About company

The company LLC "Glinopererabotka" is the largest domestic manufacturer of high quality cat litters.

The main products of the company are clumping cat litters based on organic bentonite clay from own deposits. Our plant in Bryansk performs a full production cycle. The company is also engaged in the processing and packaging of not bentonite raw materials.

The company produced bentonite cat litters since 2004, and in 2007 company started the production of the absorbent cat litters from silica gel and wood fillers.

Cat litters of the company LLC "Glinopererabotka" are sold under the brands: Pi-Pi Bent®, Pi-Pi Bent® Deluxe, Little Friends®, Kotyara and SiSiCat.  They can be bought in almost every city in Russia. The product range is over 20 items with wide price range: from budget absorbent to super-premium cat litters with special properties. Consumers with any income levels can buy cat litters of company "Glinopererabotka". Wide range of cat litters with different properties allows to choose the best option for the pet in accordance with the age and individual characteristics.

The quality of our cat litters are annually confirmed by awards at the Federal competition "100 Best goods of Russia". Each year all products of company run the environmental and voluntary certification in the "All-Russian research center of quality and standardization of medications and feed."