It all started in 2002 when company "Bentonite" from Moscow acquired expanded clay plant in the urban-type settlement B. Polpino (Russia, Bryansk). In fact, it was only the walls and plant territory. Then was decided to create absolutely new and advanced production of cat litters on this basis, so the former clay factory was reconstructed, new equipment were installed, high-quality personal selected and trained.

Now the plant of LLC "Glinopererabotka" performs a full cycle of cat litters production: dries, grinds the clay, makes granules of different sizes, sorted mixed multi-component mixtures, packed and shipped all over the country.

Today there are more than 200 employs in the company. The plant occupies a land area of 8.3 hectares. Production capacity of finished products is 35 thousand tons per year. Company has two main raw material deposits of bentonite, which are located in the Republic of Khakassia and Kurgan region and it`s also used raw materials from Azerbaijan and St. Petersburg deposits. Besides, the company is engaged in the processing and packaging of not-bentonite raw materials.

Today our company is the largest manufacturer of the bentonite cat litters. Our market share reaches about 40% in the segment of bentonite cat litters. The quality of our cat litters are annually confirmed by awards at the Federal competition "100 Best goods of Russia". Each year our cat litters run voluntary certification in the "All-Russian research center of quality and standardization of medications and feeds" and also run environmental certification in Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bryansk.

Despite the fact, that we are specialized only at one group of products (cat litters), and do not produce a wide range of products, the number of our regular clients is more than 250 companies throughout Russia: from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, as well as in the CIS countries.

Successful activity of our enterprise, experience and potential allow to produce not only high-quality cat litters under our own brands, but also to engage in the production of cat litters of private brands for national retail chains: X5 Retail Group, Seventh Continent, Magnit, SPAR, etc.

The main contribution to the formation and development of the company LLC "Glinopererabotka" made by the Holding Company LLC "Company Bentonite" .