Bentonite is clay containing not less than 70% of montmorillonite (component responsible for the ability to clump).

Bentonite is the strongest natural sorbent, it absorbs odor and possesses antibacterial effect. During the cat litter bentonite production various flavors and means can be used to further neutralization of odors and bacteria. In this case, the additives enhance the natural properties of the bentonite.

Advantages of Bentonite Cat Litters:

  • Clumping - cat litter does not require complete replacement, toilet of animal remains constantly clean.
  • Natural product.
  • Neutralizes and stops odors.
  • Economy and efficiency in use.

Disadvantages of Bentonite Cat Litters:

  • Strongly recommended not to throw down bentonite cat litter to sewerage.
  • Require the particular culture of use.
  • Necessary to maintain the cat litter level in the tray at least 5 cm.
  • If used incorrectly cat litter loses its effectiveness.