• Clumping - cat litter does not require complete replacement, toilet of animal remains constantly clean.
  • Natural product.
  • Neutralizes and stops odors.
  • Economy and efficiency in use.
Wood pellets
  • 100% pure wood, 0% bark content.
  • High moisture absorption.
  • Can throw to sewerage.
  • Low price.
Silica gel
  • Very high moisture and gas absorption.
  • Has antibacterial properties.
  • Neutralizes and stops odors.
  • Long service life.
  • Can throw to sewerage.

About company

The company LLC "Glinopererabotka" is the largest domestic manufacturer of high quality cat litters from natural bentonite. Plant in Bryansk performs a full production cycle.

The company produced bentonite cat litters since 2004, and in 2007 company started the production of the absorbent cat litters from silica gel and wood fillers. Cat litters of the company LLC "Glinopererabotka" are sold under the brands: Pi-Pi Bent® Deluxe, Pi-Pi Bent®, Little Friends®, Kotyara and SiSiCat. The product range is over 20 items with wide price range.

The quality of our cat litters are annually confirmed by awards at the Federal competition "100 Best goods of Russia".

The company has implemented a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015.


26 October 2020
Scoopable cat toilet litter KOTIARA LUGOVYE TRAVY.
Liding® company presents a novelty in Kotiara Nature collection: scoopable cat toilet litter KOTIARA LUGOVYE TRAVY with a new powerful formula NATURAL MINERAL+. Natural composition based on the mix of bentonite clays of volcanic origin provides maximum protection against the strongest and unpleasant odors, and the light aroma of meadow grasses and freshness additionally aromatizes the air around the tray and does not bother the pet.
24 July 2020
Little Friends® Premium silica gel litter - instant protection and a new level of comfort!
Little Friends® Premium litter is created with the care for our little friends so that cat owners spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying life with their beloved pets. The ULTRA CONTROL formula absorbs and keeps all unpleasant odors providing for maximum freshness in the house. Small litter crystals do not hurt the paws and make cleaning the tray easy.
25 December 2019
Bright new product of the outgoing 2019 - Kotyara Nature
Leading® company presents а new lineup of clumping cat litters "Kotyara" with improved composition and increased protection against unpleasant odors. Completely natural, environmentally friendly composition based on the mix of volcanic bentonite clays is natural and comfortable for cats. We have updated not only the composition of cat litter, but also transformed the packing exterior. The restrained black package was replaced by a bright modern image with the brutal Siberian cat. Cat l