Bright new product of the outgoing 2019 - Kotyara Nature

25 December 2019
Light new product of the outgoing 2019 - Kotyara Nature

 Leading® company presents а new lineup of clumping cat litters "Kotyara" with improved composition and increased protection against unpleasant odors. Completely natural, environmentally friendly composition based on the mix of volcanic bentonite clays is natural and comfortable for cats. We have updated not only the composition of cat litter, but also transformed the packing exterior. The restrained black package was replaced by a bright modern image with the brutal Siberian cat. Cat litter «Kotyara» will be a good help in every home where there is a cat.

At the end of October two new items have been already on sale.


Two kinds of bentonite clays complement each other actively, they enhance the adsorbing properties of cat litter. "Kotyara" instantly absorbs moisture, forms a strong clump and perfectly blocks odors. Fine granules are comfortable for cat`s paws, cat litter doesn`t dust and doesn`t stick to cat hair.       


The especial bentonite clays composition of various deposits with active carbon provides maximum protection against odor. The porous structure of active carbon has excellent adsorbing properties. It fights effectively unpleasent odors and enhances the action of bentonite clay. It is an easy matter to remove a strong clump with a scoop.Small granules are comfortable for cat`s paws. Cat litter doesn`t dust and doesn`t stick to cat hair.  

·         High-quality odor protection
·         Quick and easy litter box cleaning
·         Cleanliness and freshness in the house