Introducing the new product in the line of cat litters, Sisikat!

04 March 2016

Wood SisiCat cat litters (8L) is made from fresh sawdust of coniferous trees without artificial additives.

The freshness in the house
Pellets of Wood SiSiCat cat litter keep odor effectively and fill the house with pleasant pine aroma. Fresh air in the house a pledge of good mood, well-being and healthy sleep.

Powerful absorption
The wood fibers work like thousands of tiny sponges, instantly absorbing liquid, leaving the tray dry for a long time.

Economical rate
Economical package of cat litter Sisikat wood (8L) provides up to 400 visits of the tray.

Safe product
The granules are compressed by high pressure without using chemical fixers.

Comfort for the animal
Peculiarity of wood pellets production eliminate the possibility of bark or splinters ingress that can hurt the paws of Your pet. Contains no dust and does not cause allergies.